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About Us​

We are a business solutions company focusing on helping other businesses grow and thrive. Beginning as an accounting firm , it soon became obvious that while our clients really needed and appreciated the services we offered, they were often in search of other services that they didn’t even know we could provide! 

Making our offered services more available was the start, but we soon realized we offered more than just accounting-based help, and advertising as such would reach a much larger audience in need of our services. 

ThinkForward Business Solutions was created originally to help start-ups and young businesses get going on the right foot with entity compliance, business consulting, basic bookkeeping and digital marketing, but we didn’t aim to just do these things for our clients, we wanted to educate them on the importance of things like good accounting practices, or how to onboard an employee, so they could grow and thrive as their business continued to develop.

It was then that we realized we have so much to offer our current and future clients, that we needed to structure it in a way to make it more easily accessible to all, so everyone could benefit from the solutions we provide to help their businesses succeed and not “just small businesses” or “just accounting clients”.

As of 2023, we’ve merged ThinkForward Accounting with ThinkForward Business Solutions to offer all of our services under one name. We’ve kept our same great team on board so we can continue to offer an extraordinary level of service to all of our clients and we look forward to providing your business with the solutions to grow and be successful.

Our Team

Our team members are what make ThinkForward Business Solutions stand out from the crowd. We take pride in providing above and beyond service to all of our clients and always look for an opportunity to guide and educate.

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Crystal Prado


Crystal Prado is the owner and senior accountant at ThinkForward Accounting and has over 15 years of Accounting experience. Before becoming an accountant, Crystal spent time in the US Navy as boatswain mate and traveled the world before she decided to hang up her hat and join the civilian world. Since then she has done medical billing in the healthcare industry, and eventually became controller of a growing home health agency. With accounting as a new found passion she pursued her bachelors and her eventually her Master’s degree in Professional Accounting. She is also a QuickBooks Online Advanced ProAdvisor and her specialties range from QuickBooks Online training to cleaning up books for small businesses.

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Kylie Nyboer

Digital Marketing Specialist

Kylie Nyboer is a certified QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor and bookkeeper with full time accounting experience since 2015, running her own firm in both Hawaii and California, and several years prior to that in administrative positions requiring her accounting skills as well. She has an eye for detail and loves to deal with data, so she often catches things or fixes errors that otherwise went unnoticed or unfixed. She has a background in marketing which shows in the well-rounded care she provides her clients. Her experience in a wide range of industries (Computer hardware, off-grid products, wholesale flowers, e-commerce, construction, real estate and more) allows her to apply all that she’s learned through her clients, which helps her provide the top-rated level of service that ThinkForward Accounting offers.

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Jen Rose

Lead Bookkeeper

Jen Rose has been bookkeeping consistently since 2013. Prior to that, it was off and on for many years, adding to her overall experience of 18+ years. She has completed several accounting courses as well as the QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor certification. She’s worked with private sector small companies, including several dentists, a chiropractor, a gluten free bakery, and various contractors, just to name a few. Her training and certification, together with her many years experience, make her a valued member of the bookkeeping team at ThinkForward Accounting. 

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Britton Neptune


Britton Neptune has been with ThinkForward Accounting for just over a year but has brought with her excellent administrative and organizational skills from her background in early childhood development and management of a print marketing department. She has been a valuable asset to our bookkeeping team and continues to offer her skills in administrative support as needed. 

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Amber Flick


Amber Flick is the newest member of the ThinkForward team. She’s a southern California native who previously worked alongside Crystal Prado in her years prior to running the ThinkForward firm. She brings with her a background in billing and A/R from her 17 years in the medical field as well as her strong attention to detail & lots of administrative and management experience as well. She’s already done a lot to get TBS organized and continues to be proactive with clients and attentive to projects. We’re glad to have her on board and see what our growing team can do together in the future.

Think you'd like to work with us?

We can’t wait to see what we can do to help your business reach it’s full potential!

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