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Referral Partners

We Consider These Businesses Our Trusted

Referral Partners

Sasha Mamula-Elkins (Founder & President of SweeterHR)

Sasha Mamula-Elkins

Founder & President of SweeterHR

Sasha Mamula-Elkins is Founder & President of SweeterHR.

SweeterHR is an HR outsourcing and consulting firm based out of Southern California. Our team focuses on providing proactive HR support to businesses to minimize risk, increase employee engagement, increase productivity, and help owners achieve their business goals with an employee management strategy. SweeterHR approaches HR by using business knowledge, HR expertise, and psychology. The use of psychology is based on individual motivation, personalities, and positive reinforcement to create desired behavior and strategize to promote a workforce around the values a business owner sets. In addition SweeterHR simultaneously keeps companies up to date on the latest federal and state regulations. The team at SweeterHR is your local HR expert: we hold professional certifications in HR, have master degrees in HR or HR related fields, and have over 20 years of HR experience combined.

We can operate as your go-to for HR questions, complete your HR projects, or be your entire HR department. Some of the items we routinely complete for businesses include:

  • HR Audits
  • Establish HR Structure in New or Small Businesses
  • Handbook Creation and Updates
  • Job Description Creation
  • Hiring
  • Employee Relations
  • Compliance
  • Employee Engagement Strategies
  • COVID19 and other Safety Plans and Protocols
  • Manager Training
  • Sexual Harassment Prevention Training
  • Discipline
  • Termination

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Natasha Foster - Personal Finance Coach

Natasha Foster

Owner of Pivot by Natasha

Pivot by Natasha.  Personal Finance Coaching and Dispute Resolution.

20-year United States Air Force Veteran, Natasha been in many situations of problem solving and mediation.  With a Master of Business Management in Organizational Development and Change degree, her focus is always on how she can add value and knowledge to any situation faced.   Natasha received her Mediation Certification through Community Action Partnership of Riverside County California.  Trained in civil disputes, small claims, and conflict resolution, she is ready to help disputing parties communicate effectively while reaching amicable agreement.  Her belief is most problems can be resolved by getting to the root of the problems through communication and curiously asking questions.  She also believes the origan of problems start with miscommunication.  That is why she is passionate about helping people communicate their interests and values in a safe place.

As a Personal Finance Coach, Natasha works to help transform money mindset from fear and anxiety to relief and in control.  Having survived years in debt, barely living paycheck to paycheck, she took control and slowly worked her way into financial freedom.  She now is eager to share her lessons with others who are ready to turn their finances around.  Natasha has earned coaching certifications through the Dave Ramsey Financial Coach training and the Health Coach Institute. 

Natasha is a divorced mother of 3, two teen daughters and an 8 year old boy.  She has lived in the Temecula/Murrieta area since retiring form the Air Force in 2017.  Her hobbies include reading self-help and leadership books, listening to podcasts, taking care of her 60+plants and two cats, and surviving parenthood of teen daughters and a mama’s boy.

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We are carefully curating a list of trusted referral partners and will continue to add them to this page so you can access services with people we know and trust. 

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